New Open Access Publication (EN) on Mindfulness / Phenomenology

Mindfulness is phenomenology and good phenomenology is a kind of methodological mindfulness. Mindfulness is not a Buddhist concept, but a human universal psychological resource. The target article does a good job of putting that into practice in using phenomenology to study experiences of mindfulness practitioners.

A Few Thoughts and Arguments on the Current Campaign Against Homeopathy

This is a text which I have written in response to a call by some VOLT-actitivists that the VOLT-Party (a new pan-European party) should support the ban on homoepathy, on the grounds of an alleged death of a child by homeopathy in Italy.

There is an anti-homeopathy campaign ongoing currently in which most arguments used are either wrong or distorted (see below). Supporting such a campaign would simply be plain stupid. The most sensible thing to do is what no one dares doing currently: to organise one or a series of meetings in which an open discourse is started about homeopathy, one that considers data and the pro and con arguments.

I hereby want to clear up some common misconceptions.


Videos von der Convention 2019 der Society for Scientific Exploration

Consilience: Five New 2019 SSE Conference Videos Released The first of the 2019 SSE convention videos are now online at YouTube! Watch these presentations from Larry Dossey, Carsten Ohrmann, Harald Walach, Paul Smith, and York Dobyns on the topic of „Consilience.“ Watch the Playlist Watch the presentation „Towards a Postmaterialist Science“ by Harald Walach (in English language)

Writer Gayle Kimball interviews Prof. Walach (EN)

The writer and author Gayle Kimball interviews Prof. Walach for her book project „Visionary Scientists“. You can listen to the interview in English language here or download the mp3. The interview covers most of the topics and research Prof. Walach is known and renowned for. MP3 of interview by Gayle Kimball with Prof. Harald Walach (1h15 … Weiterlesen